Courses and Workshops

The Systems Bug Course x 12 modules
Straight up and down, the difference between high value companies with operational excellence and those with out is systems. The Systems Bug is a 12-module plain language live online course packed with goodies and treats. Importantly, it is a steady as she goes course that builds confidence and skill incrementally. Click here for the course details.

How Money Flows Through Your Business Workshop x 90 minutes
OK, this is all about management accounts – the balance sheet, P&L and cashflow and how they work. This is not a nitty gritty accounting workshop but it explains the movement of money through ANY business and will answer two questions:

What did my accountant just say to me?
Where did all my money go?

This comes complete with a 90 minutes tutorial, worksheets, an 147-page manual and an MP3. Click here if all you want are the course materials.


Key Person of Influence/Dent Global UK
Andrew Priestley is the head coach (UK) for the ILM endorsed The Key Person of Influence Programme. The Key Person of Influence Programmeis a highly acclaimed 40-week growth accelerator programme for established VAT registered businesses. It combines leading UK business mentors, business coaching, group learning and accountability groups to generate a dramatic uplift in your business.

Click here to learn more about KPI.