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What are the 7 most common mistakes you can make if you are trying to resolve business performance issues?
My clients rarely need any convincing about whether a coach will add value to their business. But many people rightfully believe they can resolve their own issues without any help. Sometimes they can but often they will prolong the issue because that lack an objective perspective offered by a coach.

There are lots of mistakes business owners make that I see again and again but here are the top seven that I am sure you will find useful reading.

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# What are the 7 most costly and avoidable mistakes you can make if you are about to engage a coach?
OK, let’s say you’ve decided to engage a coach. Well here are the key mistakes I see again and again when selecting a coach for your self or your business.

Any one of these mistakes will lead to a disappointing outcome. Just so you know I also include some tips so that you choose the right coach.

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# What’s a coaching session like? Read 50 Coaching Case Studies
When I first started coaching we had to complete case notes for EVERY coaching session and they had to be submitted to a case manager. I still write up case notes but most coaches don’t.

Some people ask, “What is coaching like; and what results will I get?”This booklet is a a sample of 50 coaching sessions and you can see what the issue was and how it was handled. This is actually a useful resources in its own right because you might discover you are coping with the same issues! Enjoy.

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# What are the top five things highly effective leaders do all the time?
Andrew cut his teeth working with leaders and key managers in high-end compliance roles. He discovered  five things that highly effective leaders are doing really well on a consistent basis. Click here to download Five business leadership competencies.