Your Core Ideal and Big Message


I want to tell you about my report on core ideals and values and finding your voice for branding and marketing. This report has helped a LOT of my clients and dramatically aided their branding and marketing.

I hate to say it but a lot of business people I meet have wasted a LOT of money on branding and marketing that doesn’t work. Worse they’ve ended up with a persona that is not them – its like they had a personality by-pass.

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For example a client of mine paid a small fortune to a branding agency who has given them a high-impact, in-your-face aggressive look and feel … and it is just NOT them.

The staff hate it. The clients are in shock and prospective customers are staying away in droves – based on analytics. They read the report and did the quiz and to a person they discovered their core value: connecting.

Once they identified their core ideal – for the right reasons – that retreated their marketing and the right customers started to show up.

Where does this information come from? I read a lot of material on core values, human values, ideals, integrity.  I loved this material but I was still frustrated because I couldn’t identify my core ideal with total certainty.

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So, I created a quiz that you can take right now, and self check and you will identify your dominant ideal and back up core ideal. Plus I give examples and case studies of how people did next to get some great results.

This report has made my clients a lot of money and I hope it does for you too.

If that sounds about right please click below. If I walk my clients through the activities they pay $1200USD for that workshop. This report is $97USD and I’d love to know how you get on.

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