Special Branding Report: Your Core Ideal

STOP wasting time and money on marketing that DOESN’T work!

If you want to SELL MORE to your ideal preferred target customers…
…increase REVENUES… be more PROFITABLE… and have better CASHFLOW… on or offline…

…you will find this BESTSELLING MARKETING and BRANDING REPORT invaluable… for you and your business!

Simply? It helps you now discover your CORE IDEAL… find your marketing VOICE… and create a clear marketing MESSAGE…

… that will resonate perfectly with your preferred target customers.

Why is that so important? Because…

Customers buy more from a business… when they know what you stand for.


We run business accelerator clinics worldwide and …

The #1 problem we see again and again is… is a CONFUSING marketing message. 

  • You don’t know what you stand for. You don’t have a core ideal. 
  • You haven’t found your voice – you sound fake, inauthentic, salesy… 
  • Your content and marketing message is confused. It’s like you’ve had a personality bypass!


  • …you are wasting a LOT of time and money on branding and marketing that doesn’t work.


  • You hired someone else to create a content strategy for your business... that suits their personality… and you paid for it!

Why is this so important? Two reasons.

  1. Between 2009 and 2019, e-commerce grew 15%. But in Quarter 1 of 2020 – that’s January, February, March – die to the pandemic… it grew a massive 15%!!! 
  2. Google’s Zero Moments of Truth (ZMOT) report shows that even if you get organic, word of mouth referrals… those people STILL SEARCH ONLINE and base their decisions on what they find… your website copy, social media Posts etc…
  3. A global study showed that people BUY MORE from you when they know what your core ideals values are… essentially, what you stand for. Even on the simplest of tests – a free Post – communicating your core ideals attracts the right customers… for the right reasons. Get it wrong and you UN-SELL prospects… who want to buy!

The solution

The global study of over 50,000 brands… over ten years… showed there are just five human fundamental values… that resonate with consumers… in your content… on and offline.

Only ONE of them is yours.

Get this RIGHT.. and you will find YOUR voice… and dramatically improve the way YOU want to show up on and offline in your marketing.

Get it WRONG… and you show up as inauthentic, cheesy and jarring. Fake.

WORSE… you unsell potential customers because it SOUNDS and FEELS wrong. Fake. It feels like you’ve had a personality by-pass.

If you spend any  money on a website or social media, this is INVALUABLE content. You will find your VOICE. You’ll know what to say… and how to say it.

  • This downloadable 100-page report clarifies the FIVE VALUES – ONLY ONE OF THEM IS YOURS
  • PLUS you get a SCORECARD so you… and your team… can take the INCLUDED QUIZ… AND score it IMMEDIATELY to discover your core ideal for your business… and your content and message strategy.
  • Plus you get CASE STUDIES of how small and large businesses tested their core ideal in their marketing to get great results.
  • And you a list of KEY WORDS you should start using in your website and social media copy now… that will convey your core ideal perfectly.

Otherwise… I can predict your website, social media and marketing is confusing, off-message, sending NO message or worse… the WRONG message.

The people who have read the report and completed the in-report test all say the same thing: FINALLY… I KNOW what our marketing messaging needs to say and how to say it. And it FEELS right. And it’s working.

You will understand why this report is purchased worldwide by ad, marketing and branding agencies.

When customers know what you stand for… they BUY MORE from you. It’s that simple!