Business Coaching – “I offer both face-to-face and online business coaching for individuals, worldwide, specialising in business leadership development.

My clients are very smart, savvy, skeptical in a good way but they all want to be a better boss and run a better business. They don’t use words like high-performing or empowerment but they still want business performance and industry recognition.

Whether it’s a 3-month intensive or extended accountability programmes, we will carefully identify the right programme to meet your individual and business needs and priorities.”

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Leadership Profiling – “If you are in an existing leadership role or a new or accidental leader, profiling cuts to the chase. It saves you an immense amount of time.It identifies clear coaching targets and avoids faffing around working on the wrong issues.

This is an impeccable tool used by companies worldwide as the baseline for getting the very best out of their talent and achieving measurable breakthrough results.”

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The Business Strategy – “This is a remarkable process that looks at your business the way an investor would. It slices through the fluff and pinpoints where the real value is delivered … and where you are leaving money on the table.

The business strategy zeroes in on your ideal preferred, target niche client, their problems, what they want most and the top three ways your business delivers value to your customers. Again we stress-test the assumptions that underpin your business case. Think of it like an MOT or a roadworthy certificate for your business.

Strategy sessions are available as online 90-minute sessions; or half and full day, face-to-face in-house strategy days.”

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Group Training  – “I deliver a lot training days and group coaching programmes because the agenda is high performing teams. Especially senior management teams (SMTs). These sessions are far from chalk and talk, lunch and learn sessions. They can be direct, gritty and challenging but the consistent feedback is teams start to feel like … a team.”

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