How Can I Help?

I coach business owners running established businesses; business leaders and executives; and corporate clients.  

There are four key services.


#1 Profiling – Profiling is a must because it’s used to clearly identify relevant coaching targets. Most coaches are coaching on the wrong problem ... and that IS the problem! Read more about Profiling.

# 2 Coaching – I offer both face to face and online coaching for individuals; and groups.  Whether it’s a 3-month intensive or a 12 month programme we will sort the right programme for your needs and priorities. Click here for more on Coaching.

Please click here to download 2019 Priestley Coaching

#3 Training –  Training programmes are designed for groups; and closed boardroom styled programmes. Click here for more on Training.

#4 Strategy – Most business development coaching starts with the a stand-alone strategy session designed to stress test your business case. This is designed for established businesses and is ideal for entrepreneurs. Click for more information.

Strategy sessions can be delivered as an online 90 minute event; or half and full day in-house strategy days.