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Business Leadership Mentoring
My clients are high performing, owner/managers – entrepreneurs ands SMEs running established companies doing £1-8M in revenues… 6-50 staff … who want to transition from a hands-on, operational manager… to a strategic leader.

They want to lead their team effectively and achieve operational excellence/ They want to increase efficiencies, create capacity, grow revenues, margins and profits … and achieve solid cashflow… and a business valuation for a potential exit.

Specifically, they want to be a leader who can do all that.

It goes without saying that confidentiality is assured.

Business Leadership Profiling (BLP)
Profiling identifies your strengths and weaknesses; and clear pre-coaching targets. The BLP is used by companies worldwide as the baseline for performance coaching.

The Business Strategy
The 90-minute business strategy zeroes in on your ideal preferred client, their problems, and the top three ways your business delivers value to those customers. Importantly, we stress-test the assumptions that underpin your business case.

Group Coaching
Group leadership coaching programmes are perfect when the agenda is to create high performing teams.

The Sales Profile (Click for link)
The Sales Profile has been used by companies worldwide to profile to profile the selling skills of sales managers; and frontline sales people selling multi-step, high value products and services. If you would like to chat about sales coaching, please book a chat.
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