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Andrew has worked with a diverse of clients ranging from SMEs right through to multi-national corporations. Over 150 references are available upon request. Here’s a sample from a diverse range of industries and sectors.


When Andrew approached me I was sceptical but I knew I needed help. It is now over four years since I first involved Andrew in my business and I am happy to say that these have been my best years ever.

I have no reservations in recommending Andrew Priestley.

John W Maslen, Managing Director
ART Refrigeration (Australia)

Financial Marketing Services (UK)

Andrew Priestley has an incisive, intelligent approach
to solving complex business issues with best practice
process. He asks the tough questions that lead to
transformation. He understands the underlying motivations
of management teams and gains peak performance
from those working with him.

Would I recommend you speak with Andrew about
how you can make your business not just more efficient
but more effective? Emphatically, Yes!

Mike Symes, CEO, Financial Marketing Limited (UK)

Large Vehicle Fire Safety Systems 

I first saw Andrew give a talk in 2010, and his clarity
and vision immediately struck a chord. Andrew has worked
with our team to help each of us become more effective
and efficient managers. As a direct result of Andrew’s work,
both the top, and more importantly, the business bottom line
has grown in a sustainable manner.

Neil Crowther MD, Ardent Ltd (UK)

Architectural and Chartered Surveying Services

As managing director of a growing consultancy,
I engaged Andrew to coach me for the past 18 months.
I have found Andrew to be a great source of knowledge
and support. His understanding of the financial aspects of
business and human behaviour around management and
sales is unique and I have found this to be extremely valuable.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew
to any business owner who requires strategic support,
sound advice and guidance to help develop themselves
individually and/or their business.

Damien Finnegan, Finnegan Associates (UK)

Marketing and Advertising

Do yourself a favour, and change the way you play
your game. Andrew’s coaching gives you the tools to
reprogram the functionality of the most valuable asset
you control – you – and is the surest way I know to fast track
your personal and professional success.

Great value at five times the price.

Mark Tolley, Down To Business, Advertising (Australia)

Home Cinema Specialists

I’ve done a million courses, read all the books
and listened to all the tapes. In the context of all
I’ve done to date,this coaching stands alone as one
of the best-value, most enlightening personal and
professional development experiences I have ever undertaken.

Paul Hourigan, MD, The Directors Chair, Electronics


Andrew helped us identify over $60,000 of savings
in the first few coaching sessions. Recommended.

Karen and Stan Miller, BSF Cabinet Makers (Australia)

Business Brokers

One of the best paradigms shifts I have had was
when Andrew Priestley coached me back in 1998.
From that one major shift, my business grew.
Our turnover increased 90%. If I hadn’t followed his advice,
I’d still be a ‘one man band’.

The business has been a profitable concern since.

David Bentley Coastal Business Brokers


Andrew assisted the sales team and the operational team
by giving us common threads by which to focus.
The quantifiable results were a 25% increase in profit
for our business and a substantial increase in our return
business ensuring that the future will remain buoyant.

We were coached in a way that genuinely enabled us to improve.
Frustrating day to day challenges were solved effectively
with clear thinking enabling more time to be focussed on
the business and growth.

Paul Stevens (GM Novotel Hotel Group)


Andrew is one of the few coaches who genuinely
walks his talk, and can deliver extraordinary results – fast.
You want to learn from this guy. This guy can coach
like no-one I know, and has an amazing ability to
kick things in to overdrive – fast! I’m living (and loving)
the results daily.

Ted Fitzgerald, Commercial Property Planning